Home roofing, repair or replacement?

repair or replace roof

If you’re experiencing some issues with your roof or maybe you just feel it looks shabby and bit run down, you might be weighing up the costs & benefits of either repairing it or getting a complete re-roof.

The cost of a re-roof can be very high but sometimes it’s the most cost effective option. Every roof has a limited lifespan and sometimes near the end of its lifespan or where the damage is severe, it’s just not worth repairing. If you think you need to replace, why not take a look at our re-roof page.

You can usually learn a lot about the state of your roof without needing to get up on ladders. If you can get into the loft with a bright light, you’ll be able to spot any leakage, water damage, holes or even animals making a mess up there! From outside with some binoculars you will be able to inspect for tile damage, loose guttering and missing shingles.

Signs of damage to your roof

– Water build up or staining in the loft
– Cracked, missing or loose tiles and shingles
– Loose guttering, wall stains, rotten eaves

The extent of the damage & what it means for your roof is not an exact science but in general a problem discovered early, is easy to repair. If damage has led to rotting of the roof structure or tile damage is extensive it may be best to fully replace the roof with one that will last for years.

If you’ve a series of smaller issues but no large scale damage or decay you may not need to repair the roof.

If the damage is lighter there’s an awful lot quality repairs can do to restore a roof’s appearance and lifespan whilst halting damage to the under-structure.

By replacing missing tiles, damaged beams and worn out fascias and guttering a worn roof can look like new again. If you have a damaged roof it’s certainly best to get it dealt with quickly, if you’re confident your roof is fine, always remember to keep checking so you catch any issues early.

We hope this article helps you work out what your roof needs, if you need some advice from an expert eye why not take us up on the offer of a free roofing quote?