What can I do to make my roof more energy efficient?

energy efficient grass roof

Energy is not cheap & reducing wastage is vital if we’re to keep our wallets and our planet healthy.
We all know that heat rises so naturally your roof is one of the most important parts of insulating your home. The trick is to create an effective barrier that prevents heat from quickly being transferred to the outside world.

This means adding layers of insulation, reducing drafts and ensuring roofing materials are creating a proper barrier. When done properly this turns the roof & loft space into an effective ‘thermal envelope’ a space surrounded by insulation.

Investing a bit of money in proper loft insulation and necessary roof repairs can save you money on your heating bills for years to come. If you’re in any doubt about the suitability of your roof & insulation it’s always a good idea to have a look or get some good advice.

How much energy leaks through my roof?

In fact a about of quarter of the heat in an average under-insulated house is likely to be lost through the roof. If a roof is improperly insulated and in a bad state of repair it can easily give up half of your home’s heat to the outside world.

Diagram: An under-insulated roof is likely to waste 25% of your homes heat

Home heat efficency

Roof insulation solutions

Loft floor insulation

Loft floor insulation is the first and most vital step to installation a loft. It’s inexpensive and quick to install, there are a range of materials that can be chosen with various benefits but all will vastly add to your roof’s ability to keep in the heat.

Roof repair/refit

A roof with damaged tiles, beams and eaves can create drafts which will carry heat away. For a roof to perform properly as an insulating layer it should be in a good state of repair. Damaged roofs don’t only leak heat, they allow the elements into your loft space to further damage the roof & degrade the loft insulation.

Roof insulation

Properly fitted roof insulation is an effective additional step in creating the right thermal envelope in your roof space. Heat reflective layers can be installed into your roof interior and then clad with insulation panel forming an effective barrier against heat loss. Roof insulation installation is an excellent idea as part of a loft conversion or major roofing repairs and can complete your roofs defences against heat loss.

Flat roof insulation

Insulating a flat roof is in essence the same as any other roof but it can present more of a challenge. Flat roofs can be made from a wide variety of materials & are used in a diverse range of situations so adding insulation to a flat roof usually requires an expert eye. An effective solutions is a roof overlay systems that clad the outside of the roof with an excellent thermal layer sealed under a weather proof outer layer. Internal cladding is also an option where the supporting structure and appearance suit the need of the situation.

If you are looking for a new roof it’s vital that you speak to your contractors about the energy efficiency of your roof and discuss the different materials that could be used to get the best possible result. Stewart and Sons offer great advice and are on hand to talk about roofing issues, why not contact us?

If you’re looking for an online hoard of roofing information we’ve always found the Everybody Needs a Roof site from the USA’s roofing associate very useful.