Single ply roofing for your home

single ply roofing

What is single ply roofing?

Single-ply roofing is the use of a thin, strong and flexible sheet of material to cover your roof. As it can be laid in a single sheet and can work with almost any roof design, it has been traditionally favoured by commercial projects, where a one-size-fits-all solution is desirable. EPDM, a popular single-ply membrane, has been protecting the roofs of Coca Cola and Nike factories for the past forty years. Now, single-ply membranes are being used more and more frequently in domestic projects. PVC is used in a large proportion of the flat roofs in the UK and is growing in popularity. As it is thermoplastic, the edges of overlapping sheets can be sealed with heat, increasing the lifespan of your roof by ensuring a seamless, waterproof finish. Stewart and Sons are experienced in deploying a range of single ply membrane materials and techniques to ensure outstanding results, read on to find out more.

A look inside single ply roofing

Single ply membrane diagram

Benefits of single ply flat roofings

We’ve mentioned some of the great features of a single ply roof above to help you compare it to other types of roof we’ve made the table below. You can compare a range of roof material features between single ply roofing & felt flat roofing. We hope it helps you understand the materials and work out what would suit your roof best.

Feature Single Ply Felt Roofing
Easy to install Y N
Simple to fix and change Y N
Highly Insulating Y Y
Highly Breathable N Y
Energy Efficient Y Y
Colour Options Y N
Adaptable to various roof types Y N
Low risk of condensation Y N
30 year plus life expectancy Y N

PVC roof for garden building

Single ply roofing for your garden

Single ply roofing is versatile, able to easily cope with eaves, verges and parapets and available in a wide range of colours. This quality makes it the perfect choice for your garden buildings, whether it be a shed or your children’s playhouse, a home office or a workshop, a simple rabbit hutch or your luxury sauna. Further, as the various materials that single-ply roofing is made from, PVC, EPDM, TPO or TPE, are durable and weatherproof, single-ply roofing is suitable for unheated or partially heated buildings, much more so than more quaint options like thatching.

flat roof at home

Single ply flat roofs for your home

During decades of experience creating and maintaining single-ply roofs on large-scale commercial buildings, Stewart and Sons have collected a wealth of experience and knowledge. We know to pay attention to the finer details to ensure a quality and long-lasting roof and can judge which projects will take more time than you’d expect. Many years of commercial work also mean that we also delight in taking on smaller, bespoke projects, that require a little more creativity and allow for a more personal touch. We deliver small domestic flat roofing projects in Liverpool and surrounding areas, including Knowsley, Crosby and Speak. For larger projects, we can quote across Merseyside and the North-West of England.